"We roam the globe looking for rubies of exceptional pure red color grades mainly known in the trade as 'Pigeons Blood'."

"RobyRoje is known for sourcing and handcrafting the best shades of rubies for all ruby lovers."

RubyRoje came to be as a result of the inspirations of Gemstone Conisoure Hamed Kazemini, with a heritage of 3 generations spanning 100 years of gem expertise behind him. And Heidi Sezawar a passionate artist whom values conscious awareness of ones appearance.


We are here to provide worldwide jewelry and art object designers a gateway into the vaults of a 100 year old established family business with a history of trust and reliability.

We are here to enhance and compliment the mission and goals of our customers and establish long-term relationships and partnerships.

We are here to be a part of your passion to create and use the most important symbol of LOVE ever in human history - "The RED RUBY"


Hamed Kazemini 

“You will definitely enjoy working with our team, which consists of master burners, expert cutters and artisans and experienced and dedicated assorters."

Heidi Sezawar

“I love it that I can be part of people’s special days, I love it that I can help them augment that love & passionate memory into something they can wear and remember by"