The 1 shade of ruby everyone is looking for – the Pigeon’s Blood Shade. We offer 5 clarity grades and have provided you a visual photo to accurately show the true nature of the rubies within our 5 grades. (Photoshop has been used to make touches to illustrate the detail of the stones to show the correct interpretation as seen by a person).


We offer 4 shapes – Ovals, Pears, Rounds, and Marquees. All other shapes can be arranged by request. All our sizes are calibrates to standard trade practice sizes. 

You are welcome to roam our online store and place an order, or contact us directly for more serious B2B inquires. More so we would love to host you in person at our facilities, where you can shop as you like.

You can preview our online grading gallery, to familiarize yourself with our 5 grades. 

Ruby Rojes 5 grades of Pigeon Blood Ruby
Ruby Roje Pigeon's Blood Collection