Rubies vary in color from brownish-red to orangey-red to purplish-red to pinkish-red.

Color within the gem is determined by Hue, Tone & Saturation. 

Hue: What color is the stone (pure colors to colors with tint)

Tone: How dark is the stone (light to dark)

Saturation: How much color is there (greyish to vivid)

Our expertise and technology allows us to produce the most desired and rarest color variety of ruby. Requirements for this are a uniform pure red color throughout the stone with minimum tints of other shades, as well as a rich content of chromium that gives the stone its vivid saturation.

At Ruby Roje you will find only this range of premium color grades of ruby also known as the famous 'Pigeon's Blood Ruby'.




A gemstone’s clarity has to do with the number of inclusions that it contains, the size of those inclusions and their position within the gemstone. The fewer, smaller and less conspicuous the inclusions, the more valuable.


It is rare to find exceptional clarity even in high-quality rubies. Look instead for a gemstone with good transparency – that is, an ability to transmit light. Premium colored rubies naturally come less transparent due to the opaque properties of chromium which give rubies the pure redness.

Rubies can be cut into many shapes: ovals, pears, rounds, cushions, hearts, marquises and baguettes.


Excellent cutting and craftmanship which we at Ruby Roje hold dearly is that the ruby should be well proportioned and symmetrical, with no distortions. It should have sharp facet edges and flat faces and be free of chips and scratches. When polished well the gemstone should also possess very good lustre.